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Seville Cathedral: Retrochoir


This part is of exceptional quality because of its elegant design and the sumptuous building material that was used, combining marble, veined marble, bronze, sculpture and paintings. It was designed by the architect Miguel de Zumárraga in 1619, but the work was stopped in the following year for a whole decade. In 1631 the building activity was taken up again and was concluded in 1635.

The apinting of The Virgin of Los Remedios which is the centre of the altar in the retrochoir is a magnificent example of Seville Gothic dating from around 1400. It is clearly influenced by the Siena painting of the 14C. On the left-hand side of the Virgin there is the figure of a saintly bishop with a kneeling priest at his feet, probably the donor of the painting.

On the altar there is a representation of San Fernando entering into Seville, Signed by Francisco Pacheco and dated 1634.

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