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Seville Cathedral: Chapel of Santiago

Saint James in the Battle of Clavijo by Roelas

Above the entrance screen there is a Gothic stained-glass wondow by Enrique Alemán from around 1475. It depicts Santa Justa, Santa Rufina, St James the Greater and St Barbara. The stained-glass window illuminating the interior of the chapel dates from 1560 and depicts The Conversion of St Paul.

The main front of the chapel is filled by a framed reredos built by Bernardo Simón de Pineda in 1663. It includes a large painting executed by Juan de Roelas in 1609, representing St James in the Battle of Clavijo. The composition is full of breathtaking movement and shows the Apostle on a white horse on the point of descending upon a group of terrified Muslims. The top of the reredos is occupied by a painting of the Martyrdom of San Lorenzo by Juan de Valdés Leal from around 1663.

On the altar top there is an urn with a group of polychrome wooden sculptures inside depicting the Pietà. It is in the Baroque style from the end of the 16C.

Of great importance is the alabaster sepulchre of the Archbishop Don Gonzalo de Mena in the Gothic style from around 1401, the year in which the archbishop died. Its front and sides have reliefs depicting subjects of the Gospel, While the figure of the archbishop lies on top of the sarcophagus.

Virgin of Cojín

The Creation of Adam

On the left-hand wall above the sepulchre there is a blue and white glazed terracotta relief known as La Virgen del Cojín (= of the cushion) which shows a Virgin with Child. It is a 15C work of art from the workshop of the Forentine Andrea della Robbia.

On the back wall we find a series of painted panels which come from the former reredos-reliquary of the Main Sacristy of the Cathedral and which, according to the existing documents, were painted by Antón Pérez in 1547. They depict allegorical scenes of the Virtues the practice of which leads to the salvation of the soul.

Other paintings in this chapel are Mary Magdalen by Cornelius de Beer, a 17C Dutch painter who was in Spain. Two paintings of The Visitation and Christ among the Doctors belong to the Italian School from the beginning of the 18C, and another two are about The Creation of Adam and Cain killing Abel by Cornelius de Vos dating from 1644. The Virgin of El Pópolo is of some interest as an image. It dates from 1508 and is a copy of the original preserved in the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor in Rome.

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