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Seville Cathedral: Altar of Santa Bárbara
Santas Justa and Rufina, by Esquivel

On the wall forming an angle with this altar there is a good painting of Las Santas Justa y Rufina, the only one known of by the Seville painter Miguel de Esquivel who painted it around 1620.

The altar of Santa Bárbara was endowed by the canon Don Rodrigo de Solís, while the paintings were carried out by Antonio Rodríguez in 1545. Their naive and simple style is proof of the limited skills of their author.

The centre of the reredos is a painting of The Holy Family flanked by St Jerome, St Barbara, St Luke and St Mark. The centre of the second section is The coming of the Holy Ghost, while the sides are accupied by St Peter, St Paul, St John and St Matthew.

On the left-hand side of the chapel there is an image of St Antony, which has no artistic value, but is the subject of great popular veneration.

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