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Seville Cathedral: Chapel of San Leandro

Portal of the Chapel of San Leandro

The portal of this chapel is made of hewn stone following a breathtaking Baroque design. It was built by Matías de Figueroa and Diego de Castillejo in 1733. The screen dates from around the years mentioned and was built by Francisco de Guzmán and Francisco de Ocampo. Inside, there is a Baroque reredos which was carved by Manuel de Escobar around 1730.

The sculptures decorating the reredos are by Pedro Duque Cornejo and represent the titular Saint in the centre, St Antony and perhaps San Fulgencio on the sides. At the top there is Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

On the side walls there ate two paintings signed by J. Mausola in 1735. They represent San Leandro at the third Council of Toledo and San Leandro teaching Santa Florentina.

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