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Seville Cathedral: Chapel of San Francisco

The Ecstasy of St Francis by Herrera el Mozo

The stained-glass window above the iron screen of this chapel was built by Enrique Alemán around 1475. It shows St Antony of Padua, St Bernard of Siena, St Francis of Assisi and St Louis of Tolosa. Inside the chapel there is another stained-glass window by Arnao de Flandes from 1454, in which St Francis recives the Stigmata.

The reredos of the chapel was built by Bernardo Simón de Pineda in 1661. It frames a magnificent painting representing The Ecstasy of St Francis by Francisco Herrera el Mozo from 1657. This composition is exceptional within the reduced range of the paintings known by this artist. On the other hand there is a free flow to his brush which emphasizes the ascending sense of the Saint´s fogure and of the angels surrounding him.

The top of the reredos has a painting of The Imposition of the Chasuble upon San Ildefonsus by Juan de Valdés Leal from 1661.
At the front wall of the main altar there is a small reredos from the first quarter of the 17C, the main image of which is that of St Teresa. Another sculpture preserved in this chapel is a bust of an Ecce Homo inside an urn: it is a Seville work of art from the last third of the 17C.

Among the paintings on the walls there are The Flight to Egypt and The Presentation of the Child in the Temple by anonymous Italian artists from the middle of the 18C. More interesting is the Fall of St Paul, which may be ascribed to Frans Franken II, a Flemish painter of the 17C.

The Imposition of the Chasuble upon St Ildefonsus by Valdés Leal

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