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Seville Cathedral: Portal of El Sagrario

It leads to the Parish Church of El Sagrario, an annex of the Cathedral. It was built in 1682 and is structured by matching Corinthian columns framing the central area. The centre at the top is taken up by a sculpture os San Fernando flanked on the sides by those of Santa Justa with San Isidoro and Santa Rufina with San Leandro.

At the top of the wall there is a stained-glass window in the Gothic style built by Enrique Alemán around 1475. It depicts St John Evangelist, St Michael, St John the Baptist and St Gabriel.

Today, in front of the Portal of El Sagrario, we find a reproduction of the sculpture of Faith on top of La Giralda. The original mould was probably made by Juan Bautista Vázquez ans was cast in bronze by Bartolomé Morel in 1568.

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