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Seville Cathedral: Chapel of the Virgin of El Pilar
Virgin of El Pilar

Above the screen which dates from 1717 there is a stained-glass window built by Arnao de Flandes in 1552. Its lower part shows Christ entering into Jerusalem and the upper half depicts Charity.
Originally this chapel was founded by the Aragonese knights who accompanied Fernando III in the reconquest of Seville. At the beginning of the 16C its patronage passed to the Pinelo family from Genoa, who used it as the family burial place.

The reredos of the chapel is in the Baroque style from the end of the 17C. It includes a magnificent sculpture of the Virgin of El Pilar, which is a polychrome terracotta figure signed by Pedro Millán and probably dating from around 1500. The reredos is flanked by two sculptures from the end of the 17C: St Peter and St Paul.

Silver Altar of Maundy Thursday
Original design of the Silver Altar

The small lateral reredos of this chapel is in the baroque style probably dating from the second half of the 17C. It centres on a sculpture os St Antony Abbot with an image on either side, those of Santa Inés and St Antony of Padua.

For the Holy Week celebrations an enormous silver throne is set up in the Cathedral as a Maundy Thursday altar. It was begun by Juan Laureeano de Pina in 1688 and was finished by Manuel Guerrero. Later -in the last quarter of the 18C- it was reformed after which it lost important parts that considerably reduced its original design.

A painting in the possession of the Cathedral and ascribed to Lucas Valdés from around 1710 shows the original version of this important silver work of art.

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