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Seville Cathedral: Altar of La Piedad

Altar of La Piedad

This stands on the left-hand side of the door to the crossing and is closed off by a 16C wrought-iron screen. The reredos, the work of the painter Alejo Fernandez, was donated by Doña Mencía de Salazar and dates from 1527.

The centre section represents the Pietà with the Virgin, St John, St Joseph of Arimathaea and The Three Marys surrounding the dead body of Christ.

In the background there is a wide of the countryside with small figures showing Mary Magdalen at Christ`s feet and Christ`s visit to the patriarchs.

On either side of the reredos the paintings show St Andrew, St Michael, St James and St Francis, while the predella shows Christ tied to the Column with St Peter. Also on the sides are the portraits of Doña Mencía de Salazar and her husband Don Alonso Pérez de Medina.

In the centre of the crossing there is the funerary monument of Christopher Columbus, which contains part of the remains of the discoverer of America brought from Cuba in 1899.

It was begun by the sculptor Antonio Mélida in 1891 and was intented for the Cathedral of La Habana, but with the independence of Cuba in 1898 was never taken to the island.

Each of the four heralds carrying the coffin on their shoulders represent a kingdom of the Spanish crown, ie, Castile, León, Aragón and Navarre.

Christopher Columbus`s funerary monument

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