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Seville Cathedral: Hall of Ornaments

From the Chapel of El Mariscal the Hall of Ornaments is reached though a portal built by Hernan Ruiz II in 1560. This part was the former counting-house of the Cathedral, ie, the area concerned with the economic management of the church.

Hall of Ornaments

A rich collection of sacred ornaments is displayed in a series of cabinets. It includes a magnificent range of items dating from between the 13C and 19C, among them chasubles, rain capes, dalmatics, antependia, shrouds, tails, mitres and cushions.

The Banner of San Fernando is of special interest because of its historical importance since the Saintly King is said to have carried it during the conquest of Seville.

Also of importanceis the Terliz de la Monteria, a hunting drill from the end of the 14C which was used to cover the prie-dieu of the bishop of Seville in the religious services of the Cathedral. In an urn at the back of the hall there is a good sculpture of St Joseph by Pedro Roldán dating from 1664.

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