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Seville Cathedral: Chapel of El Mariscal
Reredos of the Chapel of El Mariscal

This chapel is closed off by a magnificent Renaissance iron screen dating from 1555. It was made by Pedro Delgado following a design by Martín de Gainza. There is a magnificent representation of The Holy Sepulchre. The light passes inside though a stained-glass window made by Arnao de Flandes around 1556. The picture shows The Betrothal of the Virgin and St Joseph.

The chapel had the patronage of Don Diego Caballero who was marshal of the Island of La Espaņola as from 1536 when he received the appointment from Carlos I. IN 1555 Pedro de Campaņa was chosen by the patron to build the magnificent reredos of the chapel. With the hep of Antonio de Arfian he finished the work in eight months. On the lower sides of the predella there are the portraits of Don Diego Caballero , his brother Don Alonso and Doegoīs wife Doņa Leonor de Cabrera, her sister Doņa Mencia, married to Don Alonso, and their daughters are found on the right-hand side. The centre of the predella shows the scene of Christ among the Doctors. The central painting of the reredos is an exceptional Purification of The Virgin, where Camapaņa-by recreating etchings by Dürer and Raphael- skulfully puts together one of the best composition of Spanish Renaissance painting. The group of famale figures in this scene have an allegorical meaning because each of them symbolizes the virtues that were to embellish the Virginīs future life; thus it is possible to identify Charity, Temperance, Justice, Fortitude, Prudence, Faith and Hope. The vertical side sections of the reredos contain paintings of The imposition of the Chasuble on St Ildefonsus, St James, St Dominic and The Stigmatization of St Francis. In the upper part there is The Resurrection and at the top The Calvary.

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