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Seville Cathedral: Altar of El Nacimiento

Adoration of the Shepherds by Luis de Vargas

This comes first in the wall of the west end. It is closed off by a 16C Plateresque wrought-iron screen which was paid for by the merchant Francisco de Baena as were the reredos and the paintings.

The paintings of the reredos are by the Seville artist Luis de Vargas and date from 1555. The main painting depicts The Adoration of the Shepherds and shows that its author was in touch with the Italian art of his time as a result of his twenty-year stay in that country, in the course of which he had contact with the disciples of Raphael. The subjects of the remaining paintings of the reredos are The Anunciation, The Presentation, St John, St Luke, St Matthew, St Mark and The Epiphany.

Above the door nearest to the Altar of El Nacimiento there is a stained-glass window with The Anunciation by Vicente Menardo from around 1566.

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