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Seville Cathedral: Chapel of Las Doncellas

Reredos of the Chapel of Las Doncellas

It is closed off by a magnificent Renaissance iron screen which is dated 1579. In the wall above the screen there is a stained-glass window by Arnao de Flandes dating from 1554. It represents Mary Magdalen washing Chris`t feet. The stained-glass window which illuminates the inside of the chapel was also built by Arnao de Vergara in 1543. Its subject is The Virgin of Compassion protecting the Maidens in the lower part and The Assumption in the upper section.

This chapel was founded by Micer García de Gibraleón as a burial place and the seat of a brotherhood dedicated to providing dowries to enable maidens without economic means to get married.

The reredos of this chapel rests on a tribune and was built by the craftsman José Rivera who carved it in 1771. It centres on a relief of The Annunciation. This reredos replaced another reredos that used to stand in this chapel and probably dated from the time when the chapel was founded. Fortunately some of the original paintings have been preserved and are ascribed to Cristóbal de Morales, a painter who worked in Seville in the first half of the 16C.

San Bartolomé

In the centre of the predella of this reredos there is a representation of The Delivery of the Dowry to the Maidens, in which the donor of the reredos appears with his coat of arms. On the sides there are St Jerome and St Gregory. In the main section we find San Bartolomé, St Peter, St Thomas and St James the Less in the company of Christ the Saviour. In the centre at the top there is a Calvary with St Ambrose and St Augustine on the sides.

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