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Seville Cathedral: Altar of La Concepción

Iron screen of the Chapel of La Gamba

This stands on the right-hand side of the door to the crossing and is shut off by a Renaissance wrought-iron screen designed by Hernán Ruiz II. It was begun by Juan Méndez and finished by Pedro Delgado in 1562.

The reredos was donated by the procentor Don Juande Medina and was built by the painter Luis de Vargas in 1561. The main painting represents an Allegory of the Immaculate Conception and is also called The Genealogy of Christ. Its composition is partially inspired by an original by the italian Giorgio Vasari. The figures surrounding the tree of Gethsemane are the different genealogical links from Adam to the Virgin. The part of the painting that has always been famous is the drawing of the figure of Adam, especially his leg, which is a great pictorial success.

On the sides of the reredos there are paintings of St Peter and St Paul, while the predella shows the Triumphant Church between the Portrait of the Precentor Medina and his coat of arms.

On the tribune above the door there is a large clock in a soberly designed neo-Classical case. It was made by Fray José Cordero in 1789.

Before this area is left, one should admire the magnificent side door of the Chapel of the Virgin of La Antigua in the left-hand wall of the crossing. It is Renaissance and its design comes from Diego de Riaño, although it was executed by Martín Gainza in 1536. The iron screen is by Hernando de Espinosa who finished it in 1608.

Allegory of the Immaculate Conception by Luis de Vargas

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